Brenda Wells

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    Brisbane, Queensland

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Brenda Wells

I invite you to join me, Brenda, to discover meditation.  Beginners are welcome – even if you have never meditated before feel free to come along.

Move through uncertainty into Trust


Brenda Wells, has Maori heritage and connects to her ancestry through storytelling and nature. She guides people who struggle with anxiety, to empower them to transform their life and become confident, authentic, and fearless. 


With ten years’ experience in the health sector, including working with HR, NDIS, disability care, Veteran home care, young people with disabilities and aged care services. Working in these fields has given her deep understanding on how to relate and connect to people at various stages of their life.


She uses different breathing techniques to help others overcome anxiety and remain calm in extremely stressful situations.


Personally, she has found that meditation helped her tremendously, when a family member was diagnosed with cancer, and using meditation helped her to manage the testing time in her life. 


Brenda, compassionately facilitates her blend of ancestral wisdom, meditation and connection to the earth, so you too can transform your life and become less overwhelmed about your future.


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