Skillful MIND 8-week Corporate Mindfulness Program


Just 45 - 60min per week for happier healthier staff

This 8 week corporate mindfulness program will introduce your staff to simple, practical mindfulness techniques that they can use everyday to realise the benefits of a more mindful approach to work.


Companies are realising that mental health is an important factor in the success and productivity of their employees.  And, perhaps most importantly, staff are beginning to demand these programs as part of their working conditions. 


Did you know

37% of people who practice mindfulness are more productive.


of serious work related mental health condition claims were attributed to mental stress.

11 minutes

is the time a typical office worker will be able to concentrate on a task before being interrupted. Those continuous distractions are associated with a 20% decrease in performance.


australians are compensated for work-related mental health conditions each year, equating to around 6 per cent of workers' compensation claims.



With an increasing body of research now showing the benefits of mindfulness practices on mental health and productivity, understanding this area of psychology is a must for all professionals. Learn how to use techniques of mindfulness to be become more focused and productive while reducing the ill effects of stress, overwhelm and poor communication. This SkillfulMIND 8 week program is filled with practical techniques that are easy to do and can be used for yourself and shared with colleagues back in your work environment.

The following topics will be covered:

  • evidence of where mindfulness can improve your work

  • meditation vs mindfulness (what is the difference)

  • 10 easy techniques to become mindful (at your desk)

  • the learning state

  • mindful listening

  • how to set up.a basic formal meditation practice

  • how to share mindful techniques with your team.

On completing this course you will have

  • a greater sense of mindfulness

  • an ability to cope with stressful situations more easily

  • an increased ability to focus

  • improved listening and communication skills

  • skills to share the benefits in being more mindful in your team


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  • Employees

    Reduces stress, increases productivity, develops resilience

  • Managers

    Increased efficiency, improves problem solving, increases creativity and efficiency

  • Organisation

    Maximise profit and potential, staff retention, growth potential


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