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      Totterdown, Bristol, England


      • 4 Weeks of live classes
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      You are invited to join Crescentia.  Beginners welcome - even if you've never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

      Hi, I am Crescentia Cook and I live in Bristol, England.  My first memory of someone mentioning meditation to me was my mother who used to talk about the Bhuddist monks in Burma, where I was born.  I have been practising TM meditation for nearly 20 years.  Since then I have explored different types of meditations including guided and contemplative meditations.   My experience with meditating is that it helps me to focus and take a broader less personal view of things and makes me more empathetic and calm.  This helps me in my relationships with family, friends and colleagues.    I also find that I achieve more and have more energy.  My friends often say I am very calm, laid back and run on Duracell batteries !!


      A lot pf physical illness and disease are being caused by the stressful society that we live in and mental health problems are on the increase.  I believe that to look after our wellness we need to take care of our nutrition, exercise and MIND and that is why I have decided to become a SkillfulMinds meditation leader.  The first time I was introduced to meditation was in a yoga class where at the end of the class the yoga teacher took up the lotus position and started chanting OHM with no explanation of what was going on and I didn’t know what I was doing. I still believe many people are still introduced to the concept like that, and like me at the time, run away from it.  I think there is much too much confusion about meditation/mindfulness and although there are numerous apps on the market I feel that personal tuition and support through a group helps people take there meditation a step further than the guided meditations available and ensures that they sustain a regular meditation practice.


      I am also excited by the advance in neuro-plasticity where the physical changes in our brains through meditation can be traced and monitored.


      Are there no classes near enough for you?

      How about staring your own meditation circle? It is easier than you think.

      We have everything you need to certify you as a meditation leader and get people to start coming to your class.  Earn money while doing an amazing thing for you community.

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