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      • 4 Weeks of live classes
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      You are invited to join Elaine . Beginners welcome - even if you've never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

      My name is Elaine Denton, and I am a Yoga Teacher and Fitness Coach in the Midlands, UK. I have my own business called LYF- Life|Yoga|Fitness, where I help people improve their lives through meditation (Life), Yoga and Fitness.


      I have been involved in fitness for many years- Personal Training, teaching fitness classes and moved into Senior Fitness Management. The more I moved away from helping people, the more unhappy I became…and this is where my journey into meditation and Yoga began. In 2016 I experienced completed ‘burn out’. I was unhappy in life. I went to a Yoga retreat and found complete joy in being still- for the first time… in what seems like forever! I found a way to help cope with the stress and anxiety of my job, with the busyness and distraction of life.


      I qualified as a fitness yoga instructor in 2017, leading to my Yoga Teacher Diploma which I complete in February 2017. The more I have studied and practiced meditation myself and in my yoga classes, I have become devoted to helping others find some ‘headspace’ in the busy world we live in. I start my Meditation Workshops and classes in February 2018- to help people understand the benefits, to make meditation accessible for everyone, and to help them learn how they can practice meditation away for the class and make a habit for life.


      For more details please go to my Facebook page- LYF- Life Yoga Fitness



      Are there no classes near enough for you?

      How about staring your own mediation circle? It is easier than you think.

      We have everything you need to certify you as a meditation leader and get people to start coming to your class.  Earn money while doing an amazing thing for you community.

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