Meditation Leader

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    • When

      Sunday 7pm - 8pm (on pause from 27th March 2020)

    • Where

      Brighton, West Lakes

    • Phone

      0407 215 800​

    • Cost:

      $15 Casual Drop In or

      $50 for 5 class pass ​

      • 4 Weeks of live classes
      • Lifetime access to Learn to Meditate App
      • Lifetime access to Skillful MIND program
      • Free Ebook on Meditation
      • Instant community of like minded meditators
      • Plus lots more.....


      You are invited to join Emma for meditation sessions during SA school terms. Beginners welcome - even if you've never meditated before feel free to come along. ​   Please note that Emma's classes are on break as of 27th March 2020 - updates will be posted here when she resumes classes.

      I’m Emma, and I have participated in a range of retreats through Skillful MIND as well as my own personal practice. I have been listening to focused relaxation and meditation for years before bed but the retreats and groups have really helped me to expand the range of meditation options.


      I also work in the social services industry and find that meditation is important as part of a process for reflection and self-care. The compassion meditation is really important to reflect on what we can do for the world.


      I find meditation beneficial for relaxation, for improving focus and concentration as well as for increasing compassion and kindness. I’m interested in learning a range of meditation techniques and activities-there’s always something new to learn!


      Outside of meditation, I enjoy participating in yoga classes and walking in a variety of locations as well as visiting markets and cooking local food. I am fortunate to live by the beach and find that the beach and the ocean can be meditative in themselves. I enjoy reading on a range of topics, both fiction and non-fiction. You will soon discover that my favourite colour is purple and whilst I can be an introvert, once I get talking on a topic I can talk for hours. Looking forward to meeting you somewhere along your meditation journey. 

      Are there no classes near enough for you?

      How about staring your own mediation circle? It is easier than you think.

      We have everything you need to certify you as a meditation leader and get people to start coming to your class.  Earn money while doing an amazing thing for you community.

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