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      You are invited to join Jo . Beginners welcome - even if you've never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

      I’m Jo… Blessed to be healthy, productive, calm and happy (at 59).  I - with the support of our community, raised 2 sons (who are 29 & 27) that I’m proud to add are wonderful men and citizens.  Currently - with my hubby Jon (now 20yrs together), we ‘somehow’ manage to run a few business concurrently from our home in Rutherford NSW


      I have also found it to be a great bonding experience with my children, and a way to teach them to better handle stressful situations in their lives and would love to share this with others families.


      Before 2017 (for over a decade) I was a 24/7 carer for both my beloved and deserving – yet ailing,  parents until each died.  Hence – acted as an ‘end of life’ Doula, being the most challenging yet rewarding work I’ve done.


      Prior to this – I’ve a background of diverse skills and experiences, which include being a counsellor/therapist, an inventor/entrepreneur (mine ind.) and a manager (hospitality ind.).  But throughout the years held a strong interest with most well-being, living well – and living long, modalities and principles.  Such as (ancient) Reiki up to (current) Epigenetics.  Learning and studying new things and reading self-help, philosophical and biography’s is a part of my makeup.  All which draws me to explore and/or adopt many practices – like importantly, my daily meditations. 


      It’s with gratitude to Peter and Suzanne at SkillfulMIND whom guided my joining in - to share what I’ve learned and gained through ‘active’ meditation, ‘good vibes belief’ practices and ‘life’ experience and hope to help guide others.  Especially those 50+ and seniors in the community – whom are sure to benefit enormously by adopting fresh life skills, in a supportive, enjoyable and social environment.

      Are there no classes near enough for you?

      How about staring your own mediation circle? It is easier than you think.

      We have everything you need to certify you as a meditation leader and get people to start coming to your class.  Earn money while doing an amazing thing for you community.

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