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    Auckland, New Zealand

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Mridu Gupta

I invite you to join me, Mridu, to discover meditation.  Beginners are welcome – even if you have never meditated before feel free to come along.

Hi! I am Mridu, or MJ as others like to call me. I am from New Zealand where I live with my husband and my son. 


I have always been a spiritual person. I remember being able to feel spirits and experience the déjà vu as a child. One day I asked my father, who occasionally practiced Reiki, the magic behind his healing. He replied, “I connect with the Universe and use its power”. His words remained with me until Google made its existence. Intrigued by the idea of having the highest self, angels, spirit guides, and an infinite power above us all, I started to dig deeper in the areas of Energy Healing and Tarot Reading with an intention of helping my school friends. I became a popular Tarot reader in school and a healer for my close friends.




For a few years I got much involved in my professional and personal life and I forgot about the powers I had developed as a young adult.


In 2019, after I gave birth to my beautiful boy, I went into severe PPD. Anxiety had slowly started to take over my body, mind and soul too. I couldn’t find much help from the doctors and in desperation to pull myself out of this mess, I decided to reclaim my lost powers and HEAL myself.


Today I offer healing  to those who are battling physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually and help them understand that they have the power within to evolve and manifest their health (and lives) as per their desires.


Meditation is the basis of all energy works, and so by becoming a leader, my intention is to bring awareness to the people around that they can transform their lives just how I did. My primary goal is to introduce mindfulness and meditation in schools to prepare the future generations for when life happens to them.


Are there no classes near enough for you?

How about staring your own meditation circle? It is easier than you think.

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