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      Nambucca Heads, New South Wales

      • 4 Weeks of live classes
      • Lifetime access to Learn to Meditate App
      • Lifetime access to Skillful MIND program
      • Free Ebook on Meditation
      • Instant community of like minded meditators
      • Plus lots more.....


      You are invited to join Natalie.  Beginners welcome - even if you've never meditated before feel free to come along. ​

      I am Natalie Behan and I’m blessed to live with my family at the beautiful beachside town of Nambucca Heads.


      For a very long time I suffered with feelings of anxiety, loneliness and I always struggled with ‘what is my purpose in life’.


      I saw a Facebook event for a meditation class at a local healing centre and organised to go with a friend. I had no idea what was going to happen.  I arrived to find other women of all ages.  You could feel the energy in the room when I walked in.  I felt a sudden calmness and the sense of belonging. I soon found myself wishing the week away for my weekly meditation class. I have made some great friends and catch up with them for a weekly yoga class and coffee.


      Through making mindfulness and meditation a daily habit, I have let go of all those feelings that consumed me for so long.  I think I may have found my purpose.


      Becoming a Meditation Leader with SkillfulMind has ignited the passion to share with as many people as I can in my community the benefits of reducing stress and tension from your mind and body.


      Come and experience a class with me at my home studio.


      We meditate to get good at life

      Not to get good at meditation.


      Are there no classes near enough for you?

      How about staring your own meditation circle? It is easier than you think.

      We have everything you need to certify you as a meditation leader and get people to start coming to your class.  Earn money while doing an amazing thing for you community.

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