Are You An Avid Meditator That Wants To Share

Your Passion And Earn Additional Income?

Our affiliate program can help you cover all your expenses and earn additional income

from just telling people what you are passionate about.

Skillful MIND has a generous affiliate program to help you spread our message to the world. 

  • Easy and free to join

  • Get 20% of all sales (or 40% if you are a full leader)

  • That's $394 per person that joins as a leader

  • We provide you with social memes, email swipe files and everything you need

  • We have instructional videos on how to do it if you are a complete beginner

HOW IT WORKS: By sending people to a specialised link that we give you - we track if that person decides to also become a meditation leader. If they do, then as a thank you we give you 40%* of all membership fees that they pay.

And if you encourage them to also spread the word about our program - then we also give you 20%* of the membership fees from the people they sign up too.

For example - If you sign up 4 people in a month you will get over $1500*. If each of these people also sign up 4 people to the program you would get an additional $3100.

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? You will need to create an affiliate account by filling in the information on the following form and supply us with your Paypal account so we can pay you.

Then you simply paste in the pictures and banners below into your Facebook page with your specialised  link attached or send out emails with your link so that people that are interested will know where to go.


* Please note for people who are not leaders, commission rates are 20% or $187 respectively. 

"Our vision is to support meditation leaders to run their own classes in suburbs around the

world so that as many people as possible can gain access to the benefit of meditation."

How To Sign Up

To sign up you must join our affiliate platform called "Kartra". This is how we manage your account. You will need to add your PayPal account details (so we can pay you) and you will be given a special link which you will use in promotions.

We have a detailed step by step explanation of each step you need to do by clicking the button below:

Everything you need to promote

Skillful MIND


Just Cut and Paste these pictures into

Facebook, Instagram and any other

platforms you use.


Send emails to your database of people recommending they start a meditation circle

in their community.


We make the process easy, 
by giving you detailed step by step


Social Media Posts

Email templates and support

Email templates and instruction videos with everything you need will be accessed via a special members area available just for affiliates. Sign up for free to access everything you need.

Have any questions? Get in touch

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