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      City of Whitehorse​

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        City of Whitehorse Meditation

        While I’m a recent graduate of the Skilful Mind Meditation teacher’s program (March 2019), my journey into meditation goes back over 40 years. In 1976 a work colleague asked if I could assist her in a new concept she was introducing in our local community. Known then as conscious awareness training the course introduced teachings she’d brought back from a study tour in India. Those early classes ignited an on-going interest in the effect of behaviour and thought on well-being, fostered a lifetime of meditation practice and formed a seed that has grown into career as a speaker and trainer in the wellbeing area.


        I went on to study positive, cognitive and behavioural psychology, graduated as a certified humour professional focussing on the benefits of humour as a therapeutic tool and in 2005 certified as one of Australia’s first Laughter Yoga Teachers.


        Joining the Skillful mind family has reinforced my passion for meditation and mindfulness, renewed the skills I first learned so long ago, re-inspired my passion for both the practice and science of meditation and inspired me to delve deeper into sharing the benefits of meditation with my local community and my broader client base.

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