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Meditation Question and Answer with Peter Radcliffe

Here we answer all the questions you might have on meditation. Whether it is your personal practice, questions on philosophy or how to run your own class, we invite you all to join:
09.30 AM ACDT via Zoom every Tuesday, free online 1 hr meditation.
If you cannot join zoom. Join FB Live.



To Join:

Free Growth Potential session valued at $275 (One on one)

In your coaching session, either Manna Abraham or Peter Radcliffe will be your mentor, transformational coach and a growth catalyst who  will help you to break your patterns, identify where your path to success and abundance best lies. Identify the hidden resources that you never knew you had, to prosper and thrive.


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The Goal Post

The objective of “The Goal Post” is to empower you to live authenticity, aligned to your values. This  platform helps you kick start setting goals, managing your expectations, being kind to yourself. Being accountable is the key to achieving your goals. You are accountable to your coach and mentor Manna Abraham and the group.


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The Lamp Post

The Lamp Post is a Mastermind group facilitated by Master Coach, Manna Abraham to help coaches illuminate their way to a more successful practice. It provides a combination of masterminding, peer brainstorming, accountability and support in a group setting to create the success you want.


Invite only, please contact us for more information

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The Listening Post

The Listening Post, facilitated by Manna Abraham is a safe place to meet new people, to receive coaching, and leave with a strong sense of empowerment. You will receive mentoring, from both a spiritual and practical level on how you can use the power of your subconscious mind. And this is a no judgement, no bias space for you to share, learn and grow.


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Free Ebook

Get a Free book on everything you need to know to start your meditation practice.

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Free Guided Meditation

Our teachings on retreat are now available for download any time at the Skillful MIND website. And as a bonus for coming on retreat with us, please use the coupon code “90%off” to get a discount on the teachings.


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Free 'Learn To Meditate' Courses

This course is 11 lessons long with everything you need to know to start your practice


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Free 21 Day Challenge

Create a healthy new habit with our 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge

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