"Lead A Successful Meditation Group"

Learn How You Can Easily Share Your Passion With The World!

Skillful MIND will help you start & expand a meditation group on your own terms from the ground up!

  • 20 Years experience running classes

  • Proven methods and class materials

  • Done-for-you lesson plans

  • Global support for meditation leaders

  • Accredited Certification

Are You An Avid Meditator That Wants To Share your Passion And Earn Additional Income?

Skillful MIND Will Help You Easily Create A Business As A Group Meditation Leader With Our Simplified, Plug-And-Play System...

ATTENTION: Skillful MIND is offering a Meditation Leaders program for you to run a class in your own community - fully supported by us. We know there aren't enough Meditation Groups in many areas, and for the sake of the planet, that needs to change quickly.

Perhaps you have tried to find one to join yourself and that is what brought you here. Perhaps you work in a role where teaching meditation to others would be of enormous benefit. Perhaps you want to help your colleagues reduce stress and find some inner peace.

You can of course just read our guided meditations from a book - nothing wrong with that

But, if you want to bring together a group of like-minded people and meditate as a family then you have come to the right place. 

Our Leadership Program makes it easy to learn everything you need to know from how to meditate, to finding a venue.

The thing is, you're not alone - We are here to help you run the group by providing weekly lesson plans, guided meditations, and everything we can think of to make it easy, convenient and most of all an enjoyable journey to inner peace.

Fully Accredited

"Our vision is to support meditation leaders to run their own classes in suburbs around the world so that as many people as possible can gain access to the benefit of meditation."

  • Click the button below and be accountable to your own best self - become a meditation leader. 

“I have just signed up to Peter's leader's programme and am enjoying all the detailed knowledge and practical advice that Peter is giving. The video lessons are simple, friendly and contain a wealth of information about meditation and how to teach it.” 


Phil – Fife

Meditation Leader 

“I feel that this had made me a committed, stronger meditator. I have much joy assisting my participants learning Peter’s techniques, and also committing to the weekly practice (some daily), learning the skills to control the mind bringing peace and happiness to their lives.” ~ 


Verity - Warradale

Meditation Leader 

“Participating as a Skillful Mind Leader is beginning to open other opportunities within the health and wellness sector. It is positive to remember that we are sharing meditation with the wider community.” ~ 


Emma – Brighton

Meditation Leader 


A Proven, Guided Program


Take a little time to enhance your well-being and those around you.


The best way to learn 

is to teach, week by week you will enhance your skills.


We make the process easy, provide lesson plans and are here to help you.


The best way to learn 

is to teach, week by week you will enhance your skills.

Peter Radcliffe

Meditation Expert &

Founder Skillful MIND

Dear Meditation Enthusiast,

I have myself benefited greatly from meditation and given that it was my passion I always wanted to share it with others.

The thought of actually teaching meditation for a living was attractive.

So I began teaching lessons about 20 years ago. 

I had no guidance, so I just set up and started teaching. 

After a lot of advertising and promotion, I was pleased to attract around 23 people to my first lesson. 

My lessons however were quite analytical and as a consequence after about 5 weeks the numbers had dwindled down to only 2 people. 

I was devastated and wanted to know what I did wrong. 

Over the following years, I gradually experimented with lessons to find out what worked the best.

Evenutually, I had classes of consistently 10 -15 people and was earning an extra $150 per week. 

I wanted to continue to build this income, so I started running retreats 8 years ago and - just like the lesson plans -  I experimented with different retreat styles to get the perfect mix.

In order to make that dream a reality, I knew I needed to start finding like-minded souls that are keen to start their own meditation group. 

I don’t want these same people to make the mistakes I did, which is why I developed the Skillful MIND program. 

If YOU are someone who has benefited from meditation practice and would like to share it with your community but are perhaps unsure where to begin...

...then please continue reading about how you can get paid to share meditation with your peers!

I'm one of the lucky few who have found their passion in life. For me, teaching (and learning from) people who want to find out how to best utilise the mind is what life is all about. And I get to do that every day and meet amazing people along the way."

— Peter Radcliffe —


The Benefits Of Skillful MIND

Bettina Gould - Perth Australia

“As a yoga teacher in Perth, I thought that a meditation group class would be a perfect way for my yoga students to learn and practice some different meditation techniques. And Peters video course offers so much information, tools and support that it is making this initiative so easy that I wish I had done it years ago. Thanks, Peter and I definitely recommend it to any other yoga teachers out there.”

Rowenna Clifford - London, UK

“Thanks for putting this great course together! I have attended lots of courses over the years but none have gone into such depth about all of the different elements of meditation and historical factors which I found really interesting, so thanks again.”

Deb Layland - Edinburgh -Scotland

“It has everything I need and more and definitely invaluable to anyone thinking about running a meditation group. I just love how I can share my passion with Peters vision of a meditation class in every suburb around the world."


A Trusted Meditation Leader

  • Over 50 Training Videos

    We teach you how to meditate & set up your own class with everything needed - drawn from our own experience.

  • Marketing Assistance

    We show you what is working and what is not to get new people to your class. We even advertise for you.

  • Done-For-You Lesson Plans

    We give you all the lessons and meditations in both printed and audio format in themed blocks of five.

  • Regular Catch Ups

    We like to stay connected, so you'll be invited to regular catch up sessions and to our private Facebook Group.

  • Discounts and Commissions

    You'll receive a 20% discount on our retreats - as well as a 20% commission if one of your students comes along too!

  • Over 20 Years Worth Of Knowledge

    We have everything from advice on finding a venue to support in getting insurance and taking payments.

Get Started Quickly

With a 7-day Kick Start Package!

We start you off with a 7-day kickstart program that guarantees you will get your first paying customers as soon as possible!

  • We give you the marketing materials you will need to get students right out of the gate

  • We guide you on what to charge & how to get the funds up front

  • We demonstrate how to keep your class numbers up

  • You'll learn how to expand into larger events

  • We continually advertise and refer people near you to your class

...So get your class full to help pay for your program, so you can be profitable as quickly as possible!

Peace of mind

The Program Has 2 Parts!

Learning Modules:

  • 5 seperate learning modules teaching you everything you need to become a meditation leader

  • Assessment and Accredited Certification to qualify you as a Skillful MIND Meditation Leader

  • Advice on where, when and how to set up your class covering admin, logistics, what to do and what to say

  • Mentoring from the founders of Skillful MIND

  • Access to VIP Leaders Facebook Group

And your learning modules are continuously expanding all the time!

Resource Modules:

  • New Weekly Class plans each month

  • Meditations from all around the world

  • Children's Meditations & how to run a class for kids

  • Mentoring and Monthly Leader catch up via teleconference

  • Resource Vault to posters, brochures, letters, advertising copy, Facebook posts, banners and everything you need to advertise your class

And we are adding more and more resources and meditations every week!

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

  • Reduce Stress

    Meditation allows people to take charge of their own nervous system and emotions. Studies have shown improved ability to regulate emotions.

  • Improves Concentation

    Greater concentration and focus is related to the increased energy meditation provides. It connects you with your real source of energy.

  • Encourages A Healthy Lifestyle

    Many agree that meditation encourages balance in everyday life through consciously wanting to do more things that are better for you.

  • Increases Self-Awareness

    Meditation is widely accepted to teach others how to recognize their own anger. It effectively clears your mind and heightens self-awareness.

  • Increased Happiness

    Studies have shown that brain signaling increases in the left side of the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for positive emotions, while activity decreases in the right side, responsible for negative emotions

  • Slows Aging

    Studies also show that meditation changes brain physiology to slow aging. “Cognition seems to be preserved in meditators,” says Sara Lazar, a researcher at Harvard University.

The Bottom Line

We have set the payment plan at just AUD$97 per month for 15 months.  (US67 or £49)

*** 7 Day FREE Trial*** limited time


That is less than 2 students per week.

  • Cheaper options are available if you wish to purchase only one of the program parts
  • Discounts also available on one off lifetime payments
  • See next page for more detail on discounted prices

The reason I have made this program so incredibly cheap with unprecedented levels of support is that I truly believe the program will help make the world a better place.

I've been able to figure out how to do this, sustainably and profitably, while developing a proven system into a streamlined program.

The problem is that I only have so many hours in a day, and can only work with a handful of people ... so that is why we need leaders like yourself to assist in this vision.

If you really believe that meditation can benefit your family, friends and community, here is a rare opportunity to become a leader today.

What is in the course?

See a virtual tour or what you get in our members area and resources package.


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Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are the payment options?

      Payment can be made as a once off up front payment or an 15 month payment plan. You can upgrade to a life time payment at any time. For more details please click through to the next page via the sign up form above. 

    • What experience do I need?

      None!  By being a part of the Skillful MIND Group Leaders program we teach you everything you need to know to get started, then provide you with everything you need to lead a group meditation each week. 


      Once you join us you get access to your privileged members area. In here you will find our meditation course along with the modules on becoming a Meditation Group Leader. Work your way through this course at your own pace, and once we have done a simple check of what you have learnt and you are certified as a Skillful MIND Group Meditation Leader, you are good to go and start your very own group.

    • How long is the course?

      There are 4 modules in the course each with about 13 lessons which run for just 10 minutes or so each. Go at your own pace to work your way through the course at your own speed. The total video time is about 12 hours and most people take about 2 weeks to work their way through the content. There are also lots of resources like guided meditations that are added to this. Do it over a weekend, take a few weeks - It's really up to you!

    • What other support is there?

      We have a growing meditation community that stays in touch through Facebook and Email. We also have friendly staff on hand to help if you are having trouble, and in addition to that, we have regular catch ups and you will get special invitations to our webinars and best of all, live retreats.

    •  Is the course accredited?

      Yes, we are fully accredited by the Complementary Medical Association so you can rest assured that this course is of the highest standard. Peter is also himself a world renown teacher accredited by Meditation Australia where he is from.

    • How quick can I join?

      You will be given full access once you sign up. 

    • Can I upgrade form a payment plan to a lifetime payment?

      Yes you can. If you wish to start off with a monthly payment and later want to payoff the course in one payment you will get 50% credit of all payment to that date toward the lifetime payment cost.

    • What if I want to pause?

      We know that sometimes life does not go as expected and things get delayed. If you start the course and need to pause your payment plan, we have a pause option for $9 per month (up to 6 months) which will maintain limited access to the learning modules to support you and keep you moving forward. And then when you are ready to continue, you can pick up the 15 month payment plan again from where you left off. 

    More Questions? We have more detailed information about how everything works on the next page!