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Deb - Edinburgh, Scotland

“It has everything I need and more and definitely invaluable to anyone thinking about running a meditation group. I just love how I can share my passion with Peters vision of a meditation class in every suburb around the world."

Bettina Gould - Perth Australia

"Peters video course offers so much information, tools & support that it is making this initiative so easy that I wish I had done it years ago. Thanks Peter & I definitely recommend it to any other yoga teachers out there.”

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  • Detailed online instructions on how to meditate

  • Video course on how to run your own class

  • Access to dedicated resource website & Facebook group

  • Free promotion via Skillful MIND online presence

  • Referrals from Skillful Mind retreats/events

  • Support and communication with other Leaders

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  • Expanding list of tutorials created each month

  • 20% off future Skillful MIND weekend retreats or 20% commission for any of your students that come on our weekend retreats.

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Emma Gillet - Adelaide, Australia

"I absolutely recommend it to anyone that is currently running - or thinking about running a meditation class in their community. Thanks Peter and Mardi.”

Paul - Melbourne, Australia

"I have just signed up to Peter's leader's programme and am enjoying all the detailed knowledge and practical advice that Peter is giving. The video lessons are simple, friendly and contain a wealth of information about meditation and how to teach it."

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