Lynne Mcdonald

Meditation Leader

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      Saturday 10am- 11am Bungaree 

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        Ballarat Meditation

        Lynne’s journey began many years ago in 1992 when she attended the Augustine Centre in Hawthorn to participate in personal growth groups. In 1994 she completed the Group Leadership Training to become a facilitator with the team at the Centre. Lynne stayed at the Augustine Centre for Personal Growth for another 12 years working on her own personal development while facilitating groups and writing courses.

        This was the beginning of her own personal journey while enjoying the privilege of walking alongside others, supporting them in achieving their potential.


        Lynne has a background in Education, Welfare work, Mediation and Group Facilitation.  Her qualifications include a   


        Masters in Counselling and Human Services, Certificates in Developmental Trauma, Bereavement, Family Therapy and Emotional Development and is also a Tomatis® Practitioner.


        Lynne’s love of working with people to improve their well-being and to achieve their goals has taken her on a very diverse journey working with people from all walks of life.  Mindfulness and Meditation has become one of the practices that has proven to be a wonderful way of supporting everyone in every area of their life.  Being a member of a great team of people who have trained with Skillfulmind, bringing Mindfulness and Meditation to the communities in which we live is an exciting way of contributing to making the world a better place to live.

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